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The wine business

Determining whether you can install a wine display, wine storage or wine cellar in your restaurant.

The wine business is booming. According to Forbes, wine sales are up over 16% in a market sector that is nearly $80 billion with restaurants claiming a lion’s share of those increases in sales. There is no doubting that there is an increase in profitability in expanding or creating a wine program at your restaurant.

Do the math, first!

If you are expanding your wine program there is much to consider. However, we at Harmonics Wine Displays are experts in one specific area and that is the display and storage of your wine inventory. Yes, you want to increase the size of your wine storage space or turn it into a showpiece, however, to accomplish that and profit from that change requires you utilize trained engineers and designers who can maximize your wine program without losing table space profitability. According to the Rewards Network, a full service restaurant should generate on average $250-325 per square foot and a limited service restaurant about $300-400 per square foot. This number times 2 to 3 table turns per shift during your busiest times of the week and day.
In other words, you may have to lose table space to incorporate or increase the size of your wine storage area. Storing 2,000 bottles of wine can take up about 150 square feet. It’s totally worth it when done correctly.

Eye candy turns into profits.

A wine cooler, wine storage or wine cellar should not just store your collection of wines, but help sell it to the customer. It’s a jewelry box. When your customer sees the labels of wines they have heard of or are interested in trying, they are enticed to order. So many wine labels and wine regions spend millions of dollars promoting their wines each year. Wine Enthusiast boasts a readership of over 4.1 million readers. Wine Spectator is hot on their heels.
With that kind of market visibility and influence and wine classes bursting at the seams, a wine cooler, wine storage or wine cellar is your staff’s best selling tool.

Think outside just storage.

The three most important factors in storing all kinds of wine are temperature, humidity and light. Secondary considerations are visual appeal, location and the given space. Don’t just think of a square box. Think of vertical and horizontal applications. Think high drama or sexy chic.

Seek out visionaries.

Whatever your dream or vision is, reach out to a company that has the trusted experience and right people to bring your cocktail napkin idea to fruition. There are a lot of parts to your idea and this is a long term high stakes addition to your restaurant or resort.

Harmonic Wine Displays, a subsidiary of EmJac, has the ability to design, fabricate and build what you want and need including all your stakeholders’ requirements along the way. We are listeners first since all of our projects are custom built. We do everything from planning the space to permitting the project to taking into account all the details that will give you, and have given our previous customers, the exact wine storage they wanted. Visit us at and let our customers tell you how we elevated their wine displays and sales. Then give us a call at +1 800-767-8339.
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