The Ultimate Guide to Modular Wine Rooms

The Ultimate Guide to Modular Wine Rooms

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The Ultimate Guide to Modular Wine Rooms
At Harmonic Wine Displays, we understand the importance of preserving your wine collection under optimal conditions. Our modular wine rooms are designed with high-performance materials and innovative construction techniques, making them the perfect solution for any wine enthusiast.

Design and Construction
Our modular wine rooms are constructed using four-inch thick insulated walls and ceilings. Each room includes a ceiling as a standard feature, and some installations may require an insulated floor to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels. The key materials used in the construction include:

Polyurethane Insulation: Provides excellent thermal resistance, ensuring a stable internal environment.
Wood: Used for structural support and additional insulation.
Stainless Steel Skin: The inner and outer surfaces of the modular panels are made from stainless steel, enhancing durability and adding a sleek, modern look.

Modular Panels: Customizable and easy to install in various spaces.
Insulated Construction: Maintains optimal temperature and humidity levels necessary for wine preservation.
Ceiling and Floor Options: The insulated ceiling is standard, with insulated floors available.

Case Study: 21 Main Prime Steakhouse, Myrtle Beach, SC

At 21 Main Prime Steakhouse, the team created a fully insulated and refrigerated wine room capable of holding 2,500 bottles. This project required meticulous planning to accommodate a large steel beam within the construction and to ensure the room maintained optimal conditions despite the coastal environment (Harmonic Wine Displays®).

Interior Customization
Once the room is constructed, clients can install wine racks, shelving, and cabinets to organize their wine collections effectively. Lighting plays a crucial role, typically featuring recessed lighting in the ceiling and LED tape lighting to highlight the wine bottles. Interior finishes can be customized with powder-coated colors or wood base cabinets to store wine cases discreetly.

How Can We Help?

If you’re in the dreaming, conception, or designing phase of your wine storage and display, our experienced team at Harmonic Wine Displays can bring your vision to life. Contact us today for immediate assistance at +1 800-767-8339.

We provide detailed drawings and visuals to assist with the visualization and planning of these wine rooms. These resources help clients understand the design and construction process, ensuring the final product meets their needs.
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