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Features Define Refrigeration Success

Its features often determine the success of your refrigerated environment.

Doors are gateways. They separate environments. Especially in a restaurant, doors delineate spaces that have special requirements, mainly refrigeration.

Consider the door frame.

For refrigeration to be effective, door frames must be specially designed. Ideally, insulated door and window frames should be thermally broken. A thermal break is created when a material of low thermal conductivity is placed between the door's conductive materials to stop energy transfer. This thermal break acts as a barrier that reduces heat conduction through the door's metal framing. Having thermally broken frames means heat won’t be transferred into the refrigerated space and condensation on the metal will be prevented.

Consider the core.

A polyurethane core, while not the standard, is the top of the line material for insulation. It will save you money over the duration.

Consider the glass.

Refrigerated coolers or rooms generally have a range of cooling needs. When glass is used for these environments it should always be insulated and typically 1” thick. For optimum efficiency it should be made up of a ¼” tempered glass panel then a ½” air spacer and finally, a ¼ “ tempered glass panel. This combination can help keep a room cooled to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider the seals.

Doors for refrigerated areas in restaurants can see a lot of action in a typical day. Everything we have just discussed is important, but don’t forget the seals. To guarantee refrigerated air doesn’t leak out, doors must seal on all four sides. Magnetic gaskets and automatic door bottoms are crucial.

Consider traffic flow.

Finally, limiting traffic flow is important. While kitchen staff may need more readily access to a food cooler, a restaurant’s valuable wine collection may only need to be available to certain staff members. Doors should have various locking mechanisms, from deadbolts, to electrified locks for security depending on access requirements.

Consider Harmonic Wine Displays.

Harmonic Wine Displays, a subsidiary of the legendary EmJac Industries, designs, fabricates and installs custom wine coolers, cellars, rooms and individual customer lockers in restaurants, clubs, casinos and residences. We understand the importance of each unique feature required in building both stylish and functional wine displays, including the door! For more information on our stainless door fabrication, visit

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