Manufacturing Top-notch Stainless Steel Products Since 1974

Manufacturing Top-notch Stainless Steel Products Since 1974

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Manufacturing Top-notch Stainless Steel Products Since 1974
“Setting The Standard”, EMJAC Industries is dedicated to crafting top-tier stainless steel products with unparalleled quality. The company has established itself as a trustworthy name in the marketplace owing to its persistent commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment in 1974, EMJAC Industries has rapidly grown into a prominent manufacturer of stainless steel products. The company manufactures and exports its high-quality products globally, all while offering excellent customer support, thanks to the combination of innovative manufacturing facilities, technologically sophisticated manufacturing equipment, and an extraordinarily talented team.

The Key Driving Force Behind EMJAC’s Remarkable Journey

According to reports, only 25% of businesses make it past 15 years. The reason why EMJAC earns this accolade is its longevity. The family-run company has survived seven recessions, shifts in raw material pricing during the past fifty years, and changes in the market while simultaneously adhering to its core values: Ethics, Motivation, Justice, Accountability, and Commitment. During those 5 decades, they dedicated resources to improving their core efficiencies, the employees’ growth and success, and the evolving needs of their customers.

EMJAC’s Key Focus: Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

EMJAC is highly focused on supporting the local community; they strive to hire a high percentage of their employees locally. They provide them with the opportunity to build a long-term career with EMJAC Industries. Some of the employees at EMJAC have been with the company for more than 40 years. Being a solid, dependable, and trustworthy company, EMJAC is highly regarded as an excellent place to work. The leading team is proud of the strong company culture they have developed, which is built on cooperation, diversity, and respect. They support employee career development and provide opportunities for professional growth. They have recently launched an incentive program with incentives and rewards for the employees to help them feel involved and driven.

Being a sustainable business, EMJAC values the environment. It works to reduce adverse effects on the local and global environment as well as the community. Its Harmonic Environments Waterfalls have proven to uphold the best standards of water cleanliness and filtration in the business.

The ZonePure System for its water feature will utilize a variety of proven technologies and methods to guarantee its complete safety. Harmonic Environments water features have been successfully operating in hospitals, cancer centers, and other healthcare facilities for 25 years, with a 100% perfect safety record.

They are environmentally conscious and provide eco-friendly elements for the Harmonic Environments Waterfalls, such as energy-efficient LED lighting, no harsh chemicals, and up to 75% recycled stainless steel, wood, glass, and packaging materials when these options are specified. They believe that caring for the environment is caring for the community.

“I love my employees. We feel that it’s our responsibility, as company management, to provide a good, clean, safe work environment with growth opportunities,” said, David Dorta, CEO, of EMJAC.

Evolving with Market Dynamics and Industry Trends

EMJAC began as a family-owned stainless steel enterprise, creating custom commercial kitchens for restaurants, hospitals, and schools. They expanded their business and became a top producer in the stainless door sector while adhering to their core engineering design and manufacturing skills. In 2008, their company acquired the premier waterfall feature brand, Harmonic Environments. Because of its ability to design intricate and unique stainless steel backgrounds for the waterfall elements, the company increased its presence in the hotel, casino, and retail sectors. Finally, EMJAC developed Harmonic Wine Displays by expanding on their knowledge of refrigeration and stainless steel manufacturing and responding to the demands of the expanding hospitality sector.

Customer-centric Approach: At a Glance

“What all our customers want and what gives them confidence in us is our command over the product,” quoted David Dorta.

As stated by management, customers come first. The team keeps asking the clients to share their thoughts and opinions on their experience with them so they can collect feedback to identify areas for improvement. This feedback will enhance customer service in the future. In a field where accuracy is essential, the employees at EMJAC Industries are trained to begin every project with open communication and sincerity. Over the years, many of their clients have regarded EMJAC as a dependable partner. The longevity of relationships, referrals, and countless internal case studies serve as a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers’ satisfaction.

Nurturing an Innovative and Inspiring Work Atmosphere

A committed team is essential to building a successful organization, a team that feels heard and seen. EMJAC promotes an innovative culture in which team members are encouraged to contribute their ideas and present their viewpoints. When they know that their voice is recognized and held in high regard, they perform much better. When each worker’s opinion is valued, is what makes a difference. When each team member can contribute and impact the company’s success, they encourage feedback and constructive criticism, collaboration, cooperation, and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience.

Their ability to apply industrial automation increased their stainless steel capabilities. The organization improves productivity and ensures sustainability in steel fabrication by implementing a new generation of automation technology. The industry is changing at a great speed, and they never stop deploying new high tech solutions in the manufacturing process. They stand behind their products and develop efficiencies to streamline production and delivery.

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

The customers are heroes. In its restless drive to listen to clients, acknowledge their insights, and align the products with their expectations, team EMJAC is committed to delivering the product exactly as the customers want. They are dedicated to building a better connection with their customers’ needs, ensuring the highest quality customer service, and going above and beyond to satisfy the clients. EMJAC Industries believes nothing is impossible. They collaborate closely with clients to fully grasp their unique requirements and offer tailored fabrication solutions for any odd situation.

Planning for a Glorious Future

“We have a leader that stresses core values and morality over anything,” quoted Cory Dorta, the Plant Manager of EMJAC.

EMJAC’s journey has been one of continuous growth and evolution, characterized by the synergy of state-of-the-art technology and the dedication of its skilled professionals. A big factor in their success is passing on product knowledge to the next generation. The team has gained an immense amount of experience, knowledge, competence, and abilities that they will impart to the future workforce that will eventually lead the business. The essential key element ensuring a company’s stability in the constantly changing world is adaptability. Their ever-evolving product lines allow them to grow in any market conditions.

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