Starting Your Wine Collection

Starting Your Wine Collection

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Starting Your Wine Collection
Most of us begin our love of wine by sneaking a sip at family occasions and later pairing an affordable bottle with weeknight pizza. As we continue our journey, we start perusing wine menus and watching our friends and colleagues order wines at restaurants. When a casual glass at happy hour turns into a full-on passion to expand our knowledge and palate, starting a collection is the next step. Here’s some basic advice to consider.

There are two kinds of collectors; those who have the liquidity, time and expert advice to do it for investment purposes and those who have a passion for learning about varieties and growing regions and want to expand their palates. It is these collectors I am speaking to.

Starting a wine collection requires three important considerations: research, funds and care based on the sage advice of professional sommeliers.

Whether you enjoy grabbing the latest wine publication or frequent on-line articles, there is plenty of information on wine. Focus your initial research on the history of the appellations, wineries and wine makers, then the vintages.

Find one or two local wine stores where you can enjoy new wines, wine events and talk with the owners and buyers directly. Their knowledge is vast and unintimidating. Also, ask questions of the sommelier next time you’re at a restaurant. They are the ultimate wine geeks and are a wealth of details.

Since most wines are meant to be drunk young, look to collect more age-worthy wines. Remember, you are collecting. I also suggest you buy more than one bottle. Think a minimum of three bottles, so you can compare how they age and drink over time. A case is best.

As for funds, there are alot of great wines available between $30.00 and $60.00. You can dedicate more dollars for wines that have the pedigree to age longer. Remember, your collection, while you hope the value increases over time, is meant to be enjoyed not as an investment.

Also consider that as you get older, your palate will continue to change. Most young American adults enjoy richer, fruitier and robust New World wines. As you expand your knowledge of wine, most palates gravitate to Old World wines which are drier, lower in alcohol, earthier and meant to accompany a good meal. So, too will your collection change. Don’t overstock in a current wine you love. Leave room for your evolution.

Finally, whatever your investment, the care of age-worthy wines is necessary. In the Old World, wines were kept in no light, high humidity, cool cellars. Most of us don’t have a cellar per se, but the need for refrigeration, humidity and low light is still crucial. Again, do your research. While a plug and play may suit your immediate needs, consider how your collection will grow over the next few years. An investment in your collection’s ability to age in the right environment is money well spent.

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