Displaying your wine increases wine sales

Displaying your wine increases wine sales

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Displaying your wine increases wine sales

Good news. Wine sales are up!

According to Forbes, U.S. wine sales saw an uptick of 16.8% in 2021. Including both foreign and domestic wines, sales increased from $78.4 billion in 2021 compared to $67.3 billion the previous year. This increase was driven by a shift from off-premise sales (retail) to on-premise sales (restaurant/bar). After sheltering at home, people are going out again and wine sales are benefiting. So, an investment in curating wines that enhance the food experience is a path to increased revenue.

Wine surpasses food in profits.

As a rule of thumb, most restaurants count on a 60-70% profit margin on food served while wine can deliver an 80% profit margin. So, the creation, marketing and presentation of wine in a restaurant or resort increases profitability.

Displaying your wine is marketing your wine.

Your guest is choosing your establishment based on both the food and beverage, specifically the wine, menus. Once in your doors, your wine display communicates your commitment to their experience. A customized wine display, be it a wine cellar, wine room, or wine cooler, tells your guest that wine is an integral piece of what makes your restaurant or resort exceptional.

It’s never too late to consider bringing your wines to the forefront. Displaying your understanding of varietals and regions and their contribution to your dishes, not only elevates your establishment’s reputation but gives your guest added value. People eat with their eyes first. Giving them a tantalizing view of your wines is the most important step in guaranteeing they make wine part of their experience.

Your wine display is a selling tool for your staff.

A trained staff can refer to the wine display as they serve your guests. Its unique architectural
presence puts an exclamation point on the wine menu. It allows your service team to spotlight premium wines and upsell the guest. Premium wines, especially reds and sparkling wines, have seen a double digit growth since last year according to industry experts.

“I recently visited a restaurant in Las Vegas and was invited to visit their wine cooler. It was row after row of premium wines all on display. I was so excited, when I returned to my table I ordered a storied bottle I’d seen. What an experience!”

Don’t just refrigerate your wines, display them in a unique storage environment.

Harmonic Wine Displays, a subsidiary of EmJac, designs, fabricates and installs architecturally stunning wine coolers, cellars, rooms and lockers. Each is customized to the restaurateur’s, architect’s and/or restaurant consultant’s exacting vision and requirements. Visit us at www.HarmonicWineDisplays.com and let our customers tell you how we elevated their wine displays and sales. Then give us a call at +1 800-767-8339.
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