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5 things that will affect your budget.

Wine can be a consuming passion, for regular Joes and Josephines, connoisseurs, and professional sommeliers. Whether you dream of a wine cooler in a designated area or want a dedicated room or cellar, you have to think about your budget. There are 5 driving factors that will influence your design, residential or commercial, and determine your budget for wine storage.

What is the overall size of the wine storage unit (Length, Height and Width) and is it a reach-in or walk-in?

In some residential spaces, finding space in the kitchen, designating a closet area or even creating space under stairs or in a basement are all options. In a restaurant or clubhouse, considerations include floor space that might currently hold tables. Removing tables is a revenue consideration that should be balanced by the R.O.I. to be generated by the visibility and additional space for bottles.

Will the space need to be refrigerated or is it a “dry” display?

Refrigerated spaces should be considered if you are curating a wine list that will need time to age, is collectable or fragile. Any wines you intend on holding onto require refrigeration. A dry display usually means the wines are quickly turned over and replaced or are being enjoyed in the short term. Therefore, refrigeration is not as important.
Refrigeration requires fully insulated construction, insulated glass and refrigeration equipment which can also impact the space you have allotted.

What will your wine storage look like? Will it stand out or blend in to your current decor?

Once the pragmatics of space and refrigeration are determined, then having your wine display be aesthetically beautiful is next. Finishes are important and affect the final budget. Stainless-steel, custom powder coating, or wood veneers, the choices are endless.

Your next consideration is wine racking and overall storage capacity.

Are you storing a few cases of wine or hundreds of cases with special areas for collectibles? The right shelving is important.

Finally, shipping and installation costs play a part in the overall budget.

Whatever your dream or vision is, reach out to a company that has the trusted experience and right people to bring your cocktail napkin idea to fruition.
Harmonic Wine Displays, a subsidiary of EmJac Industries, has the ability to design, fabricate and install what you want. We are the go-to when you need a dream to become reality! Visit us at for detailed information and case studies.

Call today at 800-497-3529. Follow us @harmonicwinedisplays
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