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PM Restaurant - Miami FL

Background and Challenge

For upscale establishments like PM Fish and Steakhouse in Miami, a wine cooler has to be more than storage and organization for high-margin and often finicky wines — it is central to the visual brand and atmospheric appeal of the dining experience.

PM Fish and Steakhouse reached out to Harmonic Wine Displays’ team after another fabricator proved unable to execute an elevated design that required exacting components, custom fabrication, and an expert install and finishing to achieve the vision.


Our project managers interfaced with PM’s designer to quickly grasp both the specs and the feel the client wanted.

The team had to plan how it would incorporate its work with standing construction elements while focusing on its specialties; manufacturing custom stainless steel doors and building the refrigeration system to spec.

Project Highlights:

Dozens of suppliers were vetted to get the exact look and feel for the custom door handles.
A fanless refrigeration system using custom coils to keep the wine collection at the correct temperature was built and installed.
We sourced and installed a lighting system that delivered a harmonic feel with the restaurant interior and other design elements.
Southern Florida humidity had to be accounted for when determining the specs for specialized glass and insulation.
The project was completed in approximately three months. PM Fish and Steakhouse opened in 2017 with all our company's deliverables arriving on budget and on time.
PM Restaurant - Miami FL
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The perfect wine cooler inside with premium internal hardware for durability and temperature control. A spectacular wine display outside that conveys to guests they're about to have an incredible evening.
PM Restaurant - Miami FL
For our needs and timing, there was only one provider who could deliver everything from high-quality fabrication down to the finest install and design touches. It was Harmonic Wine Displays.
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